Introduction Post

Introducing Me and my blog

Hello! I’m so glad you’re joining me today! My name is Meghan Peterson and my Instagram account is @periwinklestudio. I started the account to document my own creative projects and to see what other creatives and artists were on Instagram. Just over a year later, I am fully immersed, and have discovered so many amazing companies and people I never would’ve heard of without Instagram. I decided to create a blog to share my projects, my techniques and my thoughts on card-making and happymail and just being a creative person. This is a very exciting and scary step, but I hope that you will follow along and will like what you see!

A little bit about myself, and then I’ll get onto my mission for my blog. I’m a 90’s baby, born and raised in Southern California to my awesome midwestern Mom and Dad. They always say I was born a Californian, but raised Midwestern. I absolutely adore the beach and the ocean but always longed for seasons as a child. So for college, I went to a school in the Northwest where the leaves changed color in the fall and snowed a little in the winter! I majored in English, minored in Economics and took as many classes as were offered in Education. I’ve volunteered in elementary school classrooms for a few years and LOVE IT. Kids are the best.

I’ve been making handmade cards since I was 3, and would hand deliver them to my friends or leave them on the table for my parents. But I didn’t really get into it as a passion until I was 9 and my friend and I made a “card stand” outside her house. For my high school Econ Fair, I sold my handmade cards to fellow students and was the most successful “business” there. I’ve been seriously into ornate cardmaking since I was in junior high, but it wasn’t until I found Instagram and the amazing products and companies and inspiration that I think I really hit my stride in card-making. I grow and get better every day and I am so thankful for that. And all because I just wanted a place to document my projects and follow talented people! I love cats and dogs equally, but have only had cats growing up. One day I hope to have a backyard big enough for a big dog (or two!). Right now I (at my parent’s house) have 2 cats, Violet and Stella Luna who just turned a year old. My boyfriend and I met at school, both in the same major but because he was older we never met in class! We met at my campus house because my housemate’s boyfriend was his suitemate. We’ll have been together 4 years this year and I am so grateful for such a kind, funny and amazing guy. We just recently moved to Oregon for him to go to law school, and I am so excited for his dreams to start coming true and helping in any way I can (besides dating me 😉).

My friends and family are my world and I believe that love, light, truth and kindness is the purpose of life. My passions include anything creatively visual – cardmaking, watercolor, mixed media, flipbooks and pocket letters and journaling. I also love creative writing and have even won some awards! I play three musical instruments, and love almost any kind of music, from Top 40 to classical to big band jazz. I don’t have much money to travel yet, but travel is so important to me – this world needs to be explored! Not just to see the beauty of nature but to understand different cultures and love all humans. I also love anything girly: make-up, clothes, shoes, etc. I love going shopping, hiking, bike riding, nature walks, taking photos, and watching the sunrise.

My Mission For This Blog:

To start off, I know that this blog will evolve and change over time. I may end up focusing on one specific thing and go deep or expand it to many topics. I hope that it will continue to get better and I will work hard to do that. But at this point in time, right now, this is my vision and purpose for my blog. I hope that you will come along with me and help tell me what you like and what you need more or less of, so that I can make this blog as helpful as I can.

Right now, my purpose is three-fold: to share my projects as potential visual ideas or inspiration; to share how I did things and share techniques; and to share my opinions and what I’ve learned about certain methods or organization or budgeting for creative supplies. I will be in a learning process about filming and editing videos so I hope to overtime deliver higher quality videos. They will be sporatic at first as I try my best to figure it out but I hope to make them more regular. I will try to share visual inspiration cards more often with many photos. And I hope to share anything I’ve learned that might help you make decisions.

I promise to never promote any product that I don’t like or use often. I hope one day to be lucky enough to be on a design team for some of these amazing companies but even then, I will only share what I really like, whether it has been given to me or not. Right now, everything I’ve bought myself (or asked for for my birthday 😉). I will disclose if any product has been given to me. If I am ever lucky enough to have affiliate links, I will disclose those too. Everything I share will be my true opinions – otherwise how can I help you with your decisions without honesty?

This mission will be posted in the My Mission section of my blog and I will update it as needed!

I hope you will come along this journey with me and that you will enjoy it! Please feel free to contact me, or comment on posts! Thanks so much for reading all of this, have a great day!